Who are Hahn Kitchenware?

Established in 2006 Hahn is a young company, which is rapidly growing and evolving in a fast paced world.

Hahn has the widest range of Saucepan Racks, Wine Racks, Spice Racks and Kitchen Utensil Rails in Europe. At Hahn we have a simple philosophy; Make it better and make it do More. We design virtually all our own products, and have exclusive distribution on those we didn’t design.

Our saucepan racks are now sold in over 20 countries, from New Zealand to Mexico. The range is extensive and caters for all types of kitchen, so whether you want a Saucepan Wall Rack or Ceiling Rack, you’ll find a rack to suit your needs. Whether you want a Large Rack or Small Rack we have something for everyone, our Metro range has been designed with the smaller apartment type Kitchen in mind and our Premium range is for the larger space.

The Pisa Wine Racks and Pisa Spice Racks are now some of the bestselling spice racks in Europe, and the design – if you hadn’t guessed – takes its theme from the leaning tower of Pisa. The angle is approximately 6°, which is the original angle of the Tower.

The Pisa Spice Racks hold virtually all type of Spice Jars, from leading brands to supermarket version.

The Pisa Wine Racks hold virtually standard 70cl wine bottles but also hold Champagne bottles and prosecco bottles.